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Trust Hospital Integrates Suvarna HIMS

Trust Hospital has chosen Suvarna Technosoft as it Healthcare IT partner. By deploying Suvarna HIMS modules across the hospital, Trust hospital has been able to achieve rapid productivity gains in the first week of software operation.

Suvarna Technosoft provided a highly customized solution which was optimized to meet Trust hospital's diverse needs and specialized departments and facilities which are present in Trust Hospital The management of Trust hospital was highly pleased with the systematic and structured approach in which Suvarna's support team implemented the solution with a minimal switchover time and minimal service interruption to the hospital.

Suvarna Technosoft has provided highly trained software specialists to handle any type of operational problems which might be encountered by the software when being used by Trust hospital. The management of Trust hospital has re-affirmed their belief in the quality and flexibility of the Suvarna HIMS system which is a quality healthcare IT product from Suvarna Technosoft.
























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